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  • Cap'tain Creole ‎ – Ni Bel Jounin

    Cap'tain Créole - formerly known as Trenchtown Meditation - was a band formed in 1984 by Clément, José, Jean-Pierre and Serge.

    Cap'tain Créole was a pioneering creole-speaking French reggae band with the aim of exploring new musical horizons. With the help of 3 new members - among them a sax player and a trumpet player, both coming from the jazz scene, Cap'tain Créole recorded their unique outing, Ni Bel Jounin.

    A single composed of 2 titles Fré Moin / Ni Bel Jounin, both sung in creole, using with great impact some subtle electronic elements.Both tracks are at the crossroads of many universes: Afro, Rock, Funk, Reggae. The result is quite unique and foremost, the spiritual vibe that oozes from the record is an obvious marker of their reggae roots.Privately pressed and self-distributed in small quantities at the time, BeauMonde is proud to make the one and only record of Cap'tain Créole available again

    Label: BeauMonde Records
    Year: 1985
    Genres: Jazz, Funk, Afro, Reggae
    Format: LP
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