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  • Janko Nilovic – Funky Tramway

    Following the recent reissues of Pop Impressions, Super America, Soul Impressions, and Chorus, Underdog Records label follows-up to the series with another brilliant album by French underrated composer and producer, JANKO NILOVIC.

    JANKO NILOVIC certainly was one of the greatest studio talents of Europe in the 70s! He is a musician who devotes himself to music, which resulted in a great number of published works, but most of them made for library music labels and also not available for sale. His oeuvre stretches from classical, jazz and funk to pop, psyche and easy listening. And has been sampled many times by hip-hop artists such as JAY-Z, DRE, DAFUNIKS or GUTS...

    Label: Underdog Records
    Year: 1975
    Genres: Jazz, Funk, Library
    Format: LP
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